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Women in Business Spotlight

Em Woskett

This month we have the QUEEN of food vans join us for our women in business spotlight – Em Woskett of Mini de Lights. Her pop up kitchen and menu is a delight with locals and tourists alike on Kangaroo Island. Especially the popcorn chicken (or so my kids say). She also does catering for events and is working on a brilliant new product to introduce to us soon. So read on to find out what it is…

Your Name: Emily Woskett

Where are you based? Kingscote

What is your business or businesses called? Mini de Lights

Mini de Lights van! I just love it

How and why did you get into this field? I saw an opportunity which met one of my lifetime goals, running my own popup kitchen and bar where I could be myself, share my passions, create every day and fun doing it.

What do you specialise in? Food and wine. Events

How long have you been doing this? Started my first hospo job when I was 14. I’m now 33 and have done nothing else. I love the industry because you are constantly learning and being challenged.

What is it you enjoy the most about your business? Making people happy. Sharing my passions and creativity. Being my own boss.

What challenges do you face and how do you try to overcome these? Every day there are challenges. Big or small. You can only do your best, be the best and have the right attitude.

Who handles your marketing? At the moment it’s just me.

What do you find works best to bring people to you? Word if mouth is the bread and butter but also social media.

Do you have any boundaries in place to help keep you grounded? I.e no phone calls after 7pm, no working on public holidays etc I try not to talk work at home but that was a joke.

What do you do to help you relax after working in your business? Love a good walk on the beach with my dog or enjoying a lovely big red.

Do you have a another day job? No but currently working on side business/ project.

What is it? Kangaroo Island Seafood Pate

What is your favourite part of the week? Every morning because every day is a new day!

What is your favourite flower? Too hard to answer. What is your favourite crystal? Anything blue

What is your favourite Essential Oil? Apricot

Where can people find you? Link your website and social media pages. At work or at the beach. Probably running up and down the shopping isles at Drakes.

What piece of advice you would give other women in business? Have a crack. Do what you love and make the most of it all.

Em hard at work in her food van

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