Kangaroo Island Beeswax

Melting a block of beeswax

Beeswax is a staple ingredient of DIY. I can get it here, on Kangaroo Island, straight from the beekeepers shop. The only way they sell it is in block form, and not the pellets, so I have to melt mine down to make pellets or grate it.

Kangaroo Island Beeswax
Half a block of local beeswax, toddler bite marks included

The bonus of getting it in block form is the lower cost, depending on where you get it from. While it takes a little time to melt, I prefer to do it that way as grating it is pretty hard work!

Start by getting your double boiler happening AND a lined baking tray prepared. A double boiler is a pot of simmering water with a glass bowl or jug sat in the pot (no water goes into the glass bowl, just the beeswax) After wax is melted, you’ll tip it into a baking tray to harden in a thin sheet

Once your double boiler is simmering, place your block of beeswax into the glass bowl and wait. This block took about half an hour to melt.

Double boiler method beeswax

Double Boiler Method

Once it’s all melted down, quickly pour it into the lined baking tray. I lined mine with foil and baking paper. It will immediately harden, but will take a few hours to get totally firm. I placed mine in the fridge to make it harden a lot faster

Poured into lined baking tray

Once its nice and hard, snap it into smaller pieces, put it in a good blender and whizz it up. I used my Thermomix, worked like a charm!

Beeswax Pellets
And we now have beeswax pellets

So while it does take a little while to do, it really is just a few easy steps. Now I have a lot of pellets to use. The first thing I made was a few batches of lip balm. I love this stuff!

Lip Balm Recipe
This will last me ages!


1 block of Beeswax

1 medium sizes pot

1 glass bowl or jug

1 lined baking tray

  • Half fill pot with water. Do not overfill as you don’t want water getting into glass bowl
  • Once simmering, place your glass bowl or jug into pot, be sure no water gets into bowl
  • Place beeswax into glass bowl
  • Once melted tip into lined baking tray to harden. Place in fridge to speed up process
  • Snap into small pieces
  • Chop into pellet size by using a good quality blender on pulse setting
  • Bag up ready to use

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