EasyAir and the moment I became a fan for life

About seven and a half years ago, waaaaay before I was using essential oils for our health and overall wellness, my 6 month old son caught his first cold

MAJOR Sleepless nights, for both of us. Not to mention the awful feeling of watching your baby suffer and there’s not much you can do about it

I tried elevating his head with a pillow, it helped a little. But beyond that, I didn’t really know what to do. My sleep addled state didn’t help things

Then a friend mentioned these Vick’s Vapour plug in things. Plug them in and emits a scent to help your breathing.

I raced off to the chemist – a long 45 minute drive away. And to my delight they had some in stock. Raced back home, waited for bedtime and then plugged one in


We managed to get 6 hours sleep. A miracle. All due to a Vicks plug in…

And little did I know – this was when I became a fan for life of EasyAir essential oil blend. Even though I hadn’t heard about it, new what it was, or even considered there was another option than these plug ins. I became delighted that something so simple as a scent could assist with clear breathing. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t known about EasyAir, I became a lifelong and devoted fan of clear breathing.

I used the Vicks Plug Ins whenever someone had a cold in the house, including us. They were the only thing that helped us breath and sleep at night. To this day I have no idea what was in them, they were labeled suitable for children though.

Soon after that night, the Vick’s vapour plug-ins changed packaging or something like that. Then soon after that, they became unavailable to buy. Horror story!

I resorted to buying their vaporiser, but while it was good, I hated the way it steamed up the room.

Did the old eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water too. That was ok until you had to refresh the hot water every hour

My son had just turned 6 when I discovered dōTERRA essential oils. And in my very first order was EasyAir


Here was a bottle of mixed essential oils designed to help specifically with clear breathing, and it was 100% natural.

Dropping a few drops in the Petal diffuser, which came with the same order, and turning on it transformed the room into a

blissed out deep breathing space

You could set it to last all night. BONUS. Its was so wonderful to settle in at night and have a bedroom filled this amazing scent, that assisted with deep breathing. Especially for my children

It’s now my most used oil and best seller

You can even apply it to your chest and bottom of feet (mixed with a little olive oil) when you really need it.

We use it to help with snoring, and add lavender to EasyAir in the diffuser at night and it can help soothe seasonal allergies

It’s such a good product and that is why I am a fan for life. I used it with my tiny daughter as well, still do of course

There many ways to use it, here are just some:

Shower Fizzies – kinda like a bath bomb, but for the shower. Make your own and add EasyAir. Drop one of these near the water falling and the scent will steam up your shower . I sometimes just drop a few drops in the bottom of the shower, as it steams up for the same effect

Chest Rub – its as simple as adding some EasyAir to olive to rub onto chest. A friend of mine makes a beautiful version of this with shea butter, its divine

Chest Rub with EasyAir by Omega Dream

Diffuser Blend – add a few drops of EasyAir and Lavender to your diffuser at night to assist with clear breathing when sleeping

CPAP Machine – The CPAP infusion adapter provides a simple, effective way to get therapeutic benefits from essential oils while you sleep. Simply apply the oil to an infusion pad, insert the pad into the adapter, and connect the adaptor to your CPAP machine.

CPAP Adaptor from au.aromatools.com.

Soothes snoring – rub onto chest and BIG TOE every night before bed is very beneficial!!! Take if from me (it should be mixed with olive oil before doing this)

For the person who snores in your life

Assist children and the elderly with clearing breathing from seasonal threats, by diffusing at night.

If you would like to order yours, click here and it can be shipped to you asap. Believe me, you wont regret it 🙂

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