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About me

My Story

I’ve always been a lover and user of Essential Oils. My first experience with oils was so long ago that I can’t even remember it. What I can remember is the first blend that I truely loved – bergamot, geranium and lemon. I burned it profusely in my days living in a very old part town, across the road from an old school, ornate train station. Those aromatic notes brang me to a place that I adored and have fondly remembered for years.  To this day, I still haven’t diffused that poetic blend, I’m wondering if it will be as good as all those years ago…

Since those early days, I’ve travelled the world. Getting engaged in Cambodia and married in Vanuatu. My family and I have moved across the straits to settle on an island off the coast of Adelaide. We’ve built a very successful construction business over the last 13 years, all the while with me keeping a very small collection of oils.

To my delight, after we moved to our beloved island, I discovered the only remaining Eucalyptus Distillery in South Australia still operated here. In fact, not only did the island boast that, but we had not one, but two Lavender Farms. And they produced their own oils! So my home has been stocked with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lavender oil for many years. 

These oils have helped me, amongst other things, to keep my home clean (chemically free), assisted my family in times of sickness and have been indespensible in settling both my children down for bedtime. I have used them solidly, almost daily, that I now keep a 1 Litre bottle of Eucy oil on hand at all times and 250mls of Tea Tree. If they produced Lavender in larger bottles I would have it also (the largest I can get is 25ml).

I never bothered looking for any other oils because frankly, nobody stocked them on my little island. But that memory of my bergamot blend was never far from my thoughts. I also lost touch with what brands were reputable, and never found the time to go looking for them when we travelled to Adelaide  – those trips are crazy busy without throwing in an extra shopping trip.

I did manage to order some online one day as I wanted to make my own bug repellant – I cant stand the one’s you can buy from the supermarket. While it worked, it wasn’t the most pleasant smelling concoction. I realise now that there is a better way.

While I had seen doTerra here and there on my internet musings, I didn’t really pay much attention. Then my business mentor recently discovered her love of oils and started sharing how much they help her family. My passion was reignited almost instantly. I could order whatever oil I wanted or needed, have them delivered to my door AND they are thoroughly tested using the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol. This made me so happy.


I now have a larger collection of oils (my favourite is currently Peppermint) and its growing month by month. I feel good that I am able to support my families health – especially my son who has been getting so sick from all the bugs that are passed around in school. To be honest, that’s what motivated me – dealing with sickness after sickness – in boosting my family’s immunity with oils. 

So while my oil journey has been long, I feel it’s only just beginning and I’m excited about where it is going to take me.